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Tectonika and Linear Expressionism - "The distribution of mass in space and the flow of forms and rhythmic lines to express emotion. The relationship between the visible and the invisible is equally important." - Rudolf Sokolovski

    Rudolf Sokolovski is an artist and designer currently based in Vancouver, Canada. Born in Odessa, Ukraine, Rudolf apprenticed under his father, internationally acclaimed artist Valeri Sokolovski, from whom he received a classical art education and training. The combination of his exposure to European classical art and Soviet realism at an early age, and the many years of traveling the world, studying art and cultures and different styles, has led him on a path of developing his own expression that has been described as powerful, sensual and modern. His works have been featured in film, magazines, press, solo exhibitions, group exhibitions as well as international art expos. His pieces and commissioned portraits can be found in art galleries and private collections in Canada, USA, Britain, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, South Africa, and Israel. Rudolf’s artwork explores themes of power, inspiration, and the human form. His bronze and wood sculptures, deceptively classic in a more traditional Fine Arts aesthetic, have become at once more meditative and experimental, in a new search for artistic identity. Unmistakably sensual and elegant, these are studied works of texture and erotic shapes that emotionally engage the viewer in subtle yet memorable ways.